2.Application Form


3.Documents for Application


4.Submission of Application Form
         - October 16th,2017 (Mon) to October 20th,2017 (Fri)  8:30 a.m to 12:00 noon , 1:00 p.m to 4:30 p.m
       - October 21st,2017   (Sat)  9:00 a.m  to 12:00 noon
  1. completed application form
  2. two self-addressed envelopes (each envelope’s size should be at least 4x9 inches, with address written on and attached with HKD 2.- stamp, with applicant’s name written on it)




6.Intake Number


7.Entrance Requirements
  1. with siblings studying or studied in our school
  2. children of alumni

9.Registration details
   •   Admitted students: Parents are required to at our school within the following 3 days:
     - 11th January,2018 (Thursday)
     - 12th January,2018 (Friday)
     - 13th January,2018 (Saturday)
  •   Documents required:
    1.  Admission Letter
    2. The original copy of the ''Registration Certificate for Kindergarten Admission'' 
    3. Registration fee HKD 970 ( The registration fee will be reimbursed in September 2018. If for any reason resigned from our school, the registration fee will not be reimbursed.)
    4. Four self-addressed envelopes (size not smaller than 4 inches x 9 inches, each envelope should have a HKD 2 stamp and with home addresss and name of student written on it.)
    5. Two recent photos ( size: 1½ inches x 2 inches, please write student name and student no. at the back of each photo.